What is Z-Rou made of?

The main ingredients in Z-Rou are non-GMO soybeans, konjac, coconut oil and shitake mushrooms, which nostalgically invoke the texture and flavor of ground pork. Z-Rou is a plant-based high quality protein that is rich in dietary fiber and low in fat and calories. It is free of cholesterol, antibiotics and hormones.

Is Z-Rou plant-based meat suitable for me?

Z-Rou is suitable for many diets. However, soybean and wheat contain gluten, so be careful if you have an allergy or intolerance.

Is Z-Rou vegan?

Yes, it is. Z-Rou is both dairy and egg free.

Is Z-Rou halal?

Z-Rou is plant-based and meets halal guidelines. The relevant Halal certification application is pending.

How much protein is in 100g of Z-Rou?

Based on the latest test report, each 100g of Z-Rou contains 10.1g protein.

How many calories are in Z-Rou?

Compared to pork*, the calories and fat breakdown in Z-Rou is 62% and 81% less respectively.

*raw and marbled pork

How much fat is in Z-Rou?

8.3g fat contained in per 100g Z-Rou, 81% less than that of pork

Where does the fat in Z-Rou come from?

The fat comes from coconut oil, a type of saturated medium-chain fatty acid, which has anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. It is also easy to absorb and beneficial for the immune system.

Does Z-Rou contain any cholesterol?

Z-Rou doesn’t contain any cholesterol but is rich in dietary fibers, which are helpful for cholesterol digestion.

Does Z-Rou contain gluten?

Yes, the wheat protein (soybean protein) contains gluten.

What allergens does Z-Rou contain?

Z-Rou contains soy protein and wheat gluten.

Is there any MSG in Z-Rou?

No, we use natural yeast extracts and shitake powder to create the umami.

Does Z-Rou contain isoflavones?

Z-Rou is isoflavone-free. We have removed the isoflavones from the ingredients through a unique processing technology.

Does Z-Rou contain purine? Is it safe for gout patients?

We have removed purine from the ingredients through a unique processing technology. When tested, Z-Rou found to be purine free and 100% safe for gout patients.

Can I lose weight by eating Z-Rou?

Z-Rou is vegan and only contains 166 calories per 100g. It can be included as part of a balanced diet in a routine of appropriate workouts based on your body fat percentage to lose weight. We don’t recommend eating Z-Rou on its own as a weight loss method.

Can I eat Z-Rou without cooking?

  • Z-Rou is sterilized by heating process and safe to eat.
  • Defrost before cooking, try to consume up the meat within 48 hours after defrosting and refrigerate any unfinished meat during the period.

What dishes can I make with Z-Rou?

Z-Rou imitates the flavor and texture of pork and is easy to cook with various cooking methods like frying or stewing. You can unleash of your creativity to create your favorite Western or Chinese dishes. Furthermore, Z-Rou will provide online recipes and invite celebrity chefs to give cooking instructions.

What’s the difference between Z-Rou Ground and Minced varieties?

We currently have two products available. The Ground version has a larger granular size, which is more suitable for frying, whereas the Minced one has a smaller granular size suitable for using as a food filling for dumplings, vegetables, etc. Please find more details in our cooking tips.

Can Z-Rou be prepared in an oven or a microwave oven?


What are some of the cooking tips of Z-Rou?

  • Z-Rou should be cooked in a non-stick frying pan.
  • Defrost Z-Rou fully before cooking. Z-Rou cooks well with methods such as frying and stewing.
  • Z-Rou tends to absorb water while cooking, so it’s better to reduce or halve water volume while stewing or braising. For best flavor, cooking time should be less than 10 minutes.
  • We highly suggest cooking Z-Rou quickly over medium heat. Just a three minutes frying on both sides results in a crispy yet tender 200g patty.
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